About Passion by Mama

Hong Kong 1st one stop organic food products brand. Available online 24/7. Buy affordable Organic Turmeric, Quinoa, Chia, Teff, Keto diet and Gluten free products. Spend $200 for Free Deliver. Be a member to get discount.

Brand story:

This is the story of a mom and her baby. Her experiences and worries for her new-born baby daughter shared with other moms. It is about her health problems and the nutrition of her baby daughter.

She went out and started shopping for better food, she started reading the ingredients used for most big brands food we consume, and baby food.

She was shocked to learn most packaging misleads us to believe that the product is healthy and nutritious. Somehow there is always some chemical, colours, flavours or preservative added.

The few things she found whilst shopping that is truly natural and organic with no artificial stuff was prohibitively expensive. She thought:

“Does it mean I have to be rich for good health and good food for my loved ones?”

“Since my family is in the organic wholesale business, maybe I can create a brand of organic ingredients to benefit moms at prices that are like buying normal cooking ingredients from the wet market.”

“Good food cannot be only for wealthy families, because the love of a mom to her baby doesn't have barriers. It is the same either you are rich or poor.”

She is realistic and hard working. she knows everything related to babies are expensive and this is her passion to help others. Passion by Mama.

Since prices are the priority she cut out in the packaging. Nothing fancy only a simple bag with a hand-painted heart is a clear indication of what she wants for everyone in Hong Kong.