This adzuki bean is very tender and soft when cooked. Excellent when you are preparing Red Bean Sweet Soup.


Adzuki Beans Health Benefits:

1) Packed with proteins; Adzuki beans are an important source of plant-based protein. In 100g of there are 20g representing 35% of the daily recommended intake. 

2) Rich in antioxidants; It contains a great amount of antioxidants such as isoflavones and pro-anthocyanidins. Isoflavones protects against age-related diseases specially for postmenopausal women.

3) Zero Sugar; Unlike other beans, adzuki beans have no sugar per serving.

4) Improve Digestion; rich in soluble fibre and resistant starch. It helps with the movement of your intestine helping you digest and detox.

5) Lose weight; adzuki beans can keep you feeling full longer and the great combination of high fiber, super low fat, low calories and overall low content of carbohydrates content makes it a excellent food for loosing weight.

Folate 278mcg 70%DV

Manganese 1.3 66% DV

Phosphorus 386mg 39% DV

Potassium 1224mg 35% DV

Copper 0.7mg 34%DV

Magnesium 120mcg 30% DV

Zinc 4.1mg 27% DV

Iron 4.6mg 26% DV

Thiamine 0.3mg 18%DV

Vitamin B6 0.2mg 11%DV

Riboflavin 0.1mg 9%DV

Niacin 1.6mg 8%DV

Calcium 64.4mg 6%DV


Size Available in 300g, 500g and 1Kg.
Organic Standard
EU Certified EU Organic
Origin China

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Organic Adzuki Beans

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