Reward Points Passion Dollars

Reward Points Passion Dollars GET 10% BACK

Upon your purchase in our store, we will reward you with 10% of your total order in reward points called Passion Dollars once the order is complete. 

1 Passion Dollar is equivalent to 1 Hong Kong dollar. There is no confusion, we do not want to trick you like other reward points systems from other online shops. 

You can see your accumulated Passion Dollars once you login into your account. On your next new order, you can use from 1 Passion Dollar up till the maximum allowed Passion Dollars indicated in your shopping cart. 

If you have enough accumulate Passion Dollars in your account to cover your order. Your order is for free! How good can that be? But please keep in mind your Passion Dollars are not applicable for free shipping. Hence if your total order is for free you still need to pay for the flat rate shipping. 

Please be reminded to take your steps in the following way in order to be able to input your Passion Dollars. (Note if your account does not have any Passion Dollars these steps will not be applicable).

1. Place all your orders in the shopping cart. 

2. Click on shopping cart and input your Passion Dollars in "Use Reward Points".

3. Click on Apply Points.

4. Check if total has being updated. 

5. Proceed to Checkout. 

WARNING! If you go to Checkout directly without applying your Passion Dollars in Shopping Cart, you will not be able to apply it again.

When are my passion dollars registered into my account?

Once you confirm order and input your payment method, our member of staff will process your order. Your Passion Dollars will be awarded to you once the order is shipped or completed. 

Please note if you refund or return your order we will deduct the Passion Dollars you have collected in that order.