Oat bran is the outer layer of the oat groat (grain), it is linked to many health benefits such as lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, maintain heart health and promote bowel function.

Oat bran benefits:

1) Full of antioxidants including Avenanthramides; Avenanthramides is an antioxidant only found in oats, this is known to lower blood pressure by increasing the production of nitric oxide. This compound helps dilate blood vessels and lead to better blood flow.

2) Beta-Glucan soluble fibres; this fibre reduces bad cholesterol, helps with better intestine health by promoting grows of good bacteria and gives you a fullness sensation.  

3) Low Glycaemic Index help control blood sugar levels; sugar levels in blood raise allow and steadily after eating oatmeal. This will give our body enough time to process sugar and release insulin at adequate pace.

4) Help lose weight; due to it low Glycaemic Index Oatmeal is beneficial for controlling weight. Also because it is high in protein it gives you a faster feeling of fullness and increases your metabolism.

5) Lower bad Cholesterol; studies shows that antioxidants oat combined with Vitamin C can reduce oxidation of LCL (bad) cholesterol. Oxidize bad cholesterol leads inflammation of arteries, damages tissues and raise risk of heart attacks and stroke. 

Size Available in 300g, 500g and 1Kg.
Organic Standard
EU Certified EU Organic
Origin Finland

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Organic Oat Bran

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